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Deliberate Wellness

What have you done today to create wellness for yourself?

Wellness of the mind, body and spirit does not happen by accident but we make dozens of small choices every day that either create wellness or the opposite of wellness which is a state of dis-ease.

It’s true that we are resilient beings and our bodies can put up with quite a bit. But what if they didn’t have to? What if we made a conscious effort to create wellness in our lives through our food and drink, our mental habits and the care of our bodies?

Think about that for a moment. Imagine how that would feel. Creating wellness consciously through choice. Perhaps you are already doing that with diet and self-care practices like Reiki, massage, counseling, and/or regular physical activity to list a few examples. Is there more to do?

If you’ve been wanting to create wellness in more deliberate ways, why not now? If not now, when? When will you be ready or decide you are worth the effort? (Hint: You’ve always been worth it!)

It’s really not a big undertaking to consciously create wellness. Changing our mind about one thing is a step. That matters. We’re never all the way here, doing everything possible to support ourselves. Instead, it’s a dance we partake in. After all, we have full lives and it’s important to remember that and balance is what we seek.

Most of what we do each day, takes an effort. But creating wellness with Reiki doesn’t require much. Come for an appointment and just lay. Relax and be open to positive change. That’s really it. Rebalance the energy that is instrumental in how we feel and how we perceive our experiences and relationships. Reiki is something we can engage in as recipients or as practitioners. It truly takes little effort but supports us on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We don’t have to understand exactly what it is doing or how. We know it does no harm and shifts our nervous system to the rest and restore mode—a welcome respite from the now normal stress state we seem to inhabit constantly.

So, at the end of each day, you are invited to ask and reflect. What have you chosen in the last 24 hours to create wellness for you? How you feel is no accident. Choose well. Be well. Live well and Reiki On. Namasté

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