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General Information

Learn Reiki live and
online with andrea

Why choose Andrea as your Reiki Master Teacher?

  • She has taught hundreds of students in-person and online since 2006

  • Classes are limited to 12 students

  • Classes take place over 2 or 3 days for immersion in the energy, continuity, and ease of scheduling

  • She teaches using the same course outlines and standards set by the ICRT in every class

  • She charges less than many other qualified teachers while meeting the same standards

  • After class completion, both audio and video recordings are provided for your personal review anytime you wish

  • Andrea is available through email to her graduates after class to answer questions.

  • She built the Mainstream Reiki Membership Community to meet the needs of not only her own graduates but also those who completed some Reiki training with any teacher. Members can enjoy educational resources not found anywhere else, engagement and conversations with like-minded Reiki people (not on Facebook), live events, including Group Mentoring, Reiki Shares, Guided self-Reiki sessions, and more. We have a growing community of new Reiki friends ready to welcome you at

Class Descriptions

Begin your Reiki Journey

Anyone can learn Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki for themselves, others, and animals. Also, learn how to offer distance Reiki in this two-day workshop.

Answering the Call

This class is open to those who feel guided to offer more specialized Reiki to animals. Must be at least Reiki level II of any style and lineage to register.

Continuing Forward 

Take Reiki Practice to a deeper level and offer more with new symbols, techniques, and access to more energy. Teach Reiki after class, if you choose.

In Greater Partnership

Animal I and II graduates and Reiki Masters in any style and lineage may register to learn new techniques. You may teach Animal Reiki, if you choose.

For Reiki Masters

The optional next step for Masters of any style is Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki. Use your voice to offer Reiki and teach all Holy Fire III classes, if you choose.

Select your Class

Choose the class right for you from the list of upcoming dates. Register early to reserve your seat because all classes are limited to only 12 students.

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