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Hi, everyone! Clients and students often ask me for recommendations for what they might need to start a Reiki practice. I put this page together for a one-stop place to find some of those answers. Below you'll find links to Reiki equipment, information and a discount code for HealthyLine therapeutic mats, meditation and Reiki music, books and more. It's important for me to be helpful to you and please know that if some of the products here are purchased, I may receive a small compensation.

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Practical Buys and Reiki Room Must-Haves

A good stool is a smart investment so you aren't standing and leaning over your clients for long periods. I like this Earthlite stool because it is fully adjustable, has non-marring wheels and uses air (not oil) in the adjustment mechanism. Plus it comes in 10 colors!

If you plan on transporting your table, think about this table skate. I've gotten a LOT of use out of mine. Just buckle the table onto it and away you roll! I helps save your neck and shoulders when hauling the table. A great buy!

Help your clients on and off your table with a sturdy stool. I have this one and it's clean-looking and used in medical offices.

Relieve lower back tension by offering your clients a round bolster for under their knees. I use this one by Earthlite and many of my clients are thankful.

Salt lamps produce negative ions which help eliminate impurities in the air and help boost our mood. They also provide soft lighting which is important for a relaxing atmosphere.

Flameless candles are a great addition to your Reiki space. The Luminara brand is my favorite because the flame moves and looks exceptionally real. Some people actually do a double-take because they look like a true flame. They run on batteries so no cords to spoil the look.

I mentioned this Energy Rod in my Reiki Summit presentation called, "How to Give  a Stellar Reiki Talk." It's a fun little gadget that helps illustrate the energetic nature of our bodies and is a great tool for Reiki classes or Reiki presentations.

Table Talk

For offering Reiki to others, a quality massage table is essential! Your body needs to be comfortable in order to have the best sessions. Don't forget the accessories like a bolster for client comfort, a stool (for yours!), a table skate for added portability and to save your neck and shoulders. Here's where you'll find tried and true products I endorse with a confident Reiki thumbs up. 


The price might be your first consideration but check the options! The Master Massage table is recommended by one of my students. The features improve with price but we know that is usually true. The Earthlite Harmony is rated an Amazon Best Choice and the Earthlite Portable is the lightest (good if you want to take your table places) and has the nicest padding and cover but you will probably put a blanket or sheet down on the top anyway to make it a bit more comfortable and keep your table pad like new. It also features ends so your knees can slide under the table when you are sitting.

Want extra portability and versatility? Maybe making Reiki house calls? Consider a zero gravity reclining chair. I like this one by HITO because it has a cushy optional pad for your client's comfort and holds up to 440 lbs.

The chair only 23 lbs and with an optional bag to carry it in, this option may be perfect for you and at a lower price than a traditional massage table.


Music for Meditation, Relaxing and Reiki Sessions

Music is another influence on our mood and energy. I've linked some favorites here and also the the Echo Dot that streams music with quality sound in a small package. It can play music from Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other apps. Just make sure you subscribe without ads because no one wants to hear those in a Reiki session! 

You can also Stream my Spotify playlists. One playlist is for Sessions and one is for Classes. You'll notice several selections from Christopher Lloyd Clarke whose music is also in many of my YouTube videos. I find it perfect for Reiki!


Inframat Pro® Chakra Mat

Offer your clients the absolute highest benefit from their time on the Reiki table by adding therapies provided by the Inframat Pro® Chakra Mat.

The mat consists of 16 pounds of 7 different natural gemstones and offers 5 beneficial therapies of far infrared heat, hot stone therapy, negative ion therapy, PEMF and chakra balancing.

Benefits may include decrease of pain, inflammation and stress, improved circulation and more. PEMF is approved by the FDA to manage joint pain, bone repair and signs of depression and is used by NASA to maintain health of astronauts.

While the mat is an investment, it's a tax deductible business expense. Andrea recouped her investment in only two months and then pure profit followed every time a client added the mat to their Reiki session. 

Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions
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Watch the video to learn how Andrea easily turned the investment in the Chakra Mat into a profit center for her Reiki Business. 


Then visit to check out the mat her mat or find the mat that's perfect for your Reiki room or family.


Checkout with code msr10s to save 10% and get free shipping.

Crystals for Reiki, Healing and Development

Healing Crystals is a U.S. company founded in 2003 with the goal of providing affordable and quality crystals worldwide. Their mission is to "Promote Education and the Use of Crystals to Support Healing".


They sort, pick and pack all of their crystals with great care and many who order express that they can feel the difference in the stones sent to them by Healing Crystals.


Click the photo to shop and receive 10% off your order.


With a huge assortment of crystals, various shapes and sizes and 1500+ Five Star Reviews, this new shop is one to check out. Looking to build a crystal grid and need stones? Look at Spirit Magicka and save 11% off your order with the coupon code: ANDREAKENNEDY at checkout.

Professional Liability Insurance

Numerous reasons have kept me loyal to Massage Magazine Insurance Plus through the years I've offered Reiki sessions. Proper insurance is a must whether you are volunteering your services, have a professional Reiki practice or both. Find more information below and click the photo for all the details and for $10 off your policy. No membership or training by Mainstream Reiki is required to receive this discount or sign up for insurance - it is available for all practitioners.

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350+ Modalities Included

This includes coverage for multi-discipline practitioners at no additional cost.

So if you are a massage therapist who also offers Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Esthetician, Cosmetologist, or Nail Technician services you're still covered!

INSTANT Coverage. INSTANT Certificate.

Don't wait around for approvals or worry about providing education hours.

Our policies are bound in minutes and you can immediately pull down a digital proof of coverage certificate from your member portal.



Books are amazing because they introduce new perspectives we then can reflect upon and perhaps grow from, if we choose. They have the power to change our minds and emotions. I just love books! I've featured books below that I found educational and thought-provoking.