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beyond the Reiki gateway

a podcast for the spiritually curious

Season 4 Premiers July 19th!

Hi, it's Andrea and we are gearing up for the new season! It is an exciting time of expansion here at the podcast. New guests and past favorites will join me to explore topics curated for spiritually-curious seekers, like you. 


Enjoy fascinating conversations about intriguing subjects like spirit guides, tarot, crystals, past lives, psychic abilities, mediumship, spiritual awakening, ascension, different kinds of healing modalities including Reiki, and more — all to help and inspire you along your unique soul’s journey. 


BIG News! Starting with the new season, you’ll get to watch the video versions of the show on our BTRG YouTube Channel! That’s right! I’m expanding from the audio-only format to offer you more when you tune in to the channel. Don't forget to subscribe while you are there. We appreciate your support as we grow the show.


New episodes will publish on YouTube and everywhere you listen to podcasts every other Wednesday, starting July 19th! So mark your calendar or set a reminder! And, of course, you can still enjoy classic episodes from Seasons 1-3 where I'm joined by my now-retired cohost, Kathleen Johnson.


Please visit where you can sign up for the BTRG Newsletter. You can access everything BTRG there, contact us with guest recommendations, questions and comments, and listen to all the episodes too. Let’s stay curious and grow our BTRG community and the podcast, together. 

Looking forward to sharing more with you,


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