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Mainstream Reiki community

Learn, share, connect, and evolve with other

Reiki practitioners inside our community.

Looking to ENERGIZE your Reiki practice and CONNECT with like-minded individuals?

a community with purpose

The Mainstream Reiki Community brings together Reiki practitioners of all levels to build a supportive, like-minded community, continue our education and practice together so that we can deepen our understanding of Reiki, explore related topics, and empower ourselves to practice Reiki more confidently, both personally and professionally, if we choose to do so.

Join our community of dedicated practitioners as we come together for practice sessions for healing and enrichment. Participate in group mentoring, Reiki sessions, share insights, and connect with a supportive community of Reiki practitioners in a welcoming atmosphere free of social media and advertising.

Be a part of the community that holds the


developing our practice and helping others with Reiki.

Membership Tiers open to Reiki practitioners of all levels

Whether you're looking to connect with others, engage in deepening your Reiki practice, or are interested in taking Reiki further into the world through a Reiki business, volunteering, or teaching, we have a membership tier tailored to suit your needs and goals.


Our basic membership where you will receive the following benefits:

  • Connection through discussions and sharing about any Reiki topics and what is important to you. You are not alone with our community of like-minded Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Masters, and Reiki Master Teachers here for you.

  • Access to our growing Resource Library to further enrich your Reiki education and support you in achieving your goals with Reiki. 


Enjoy all the benefits of the Primary Level, and each month, you will also receive the following live practice and educational mentoring opportunities :

  • Access to live Self-Reiki sessions and access to session recordings.

  • Group Mentoring focused on Self-Reiki, Practitioner and Spiritual Development, and access to session recordings.

  • Reiki Share to give and receive Reiki in small groups.

  • Reiki Swap event to give and receive with another member privately.


Our most inclusive membership package provides access to everything in the lower tiers. Each month, you will also receive:

  • Group Mentoring focused on Advanced Reiki Topics, including Business, Teaching, and Volunteering, and access to session recordings.

  • Additional Reiki Share event to further enhance your experience as a Reiki practitioner.

  • Roundtable Discussion to enjoy relaxed conversations on a more personal level.

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