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Reiki Events

Monthly Livestream Event - Simultaneous streaming on the YouTube channel and the Mainstream Reiki Facebook page at 11 am Eastern US time on the FIRST Thursday of the month. Andrea begins with a guided meditation and then offers Reiki to you and all those open to receive. This recording is edited and published on YouTube the next day. 



Pop-Up YouTube Livestreams - Andrea invites you to take "A Reiki Break" with her on the Mainstream Reiki YouTube Channel as her schedule allows. To catch these special livestreams that may include Reiki energy, announcements, and answers to your questions, please subscribe to the channel and select to receive notifications.


Andrea has built a Reiki Community free of social media sites! This is a groundbreaking opportunity for Reiki practitioners of all levels because it is a destination for us to continue our education, connect, share, and evolve -- together! Find out more about the Mainstream Reiki Community.

Calendar View of Events

Easily see Reiki Classes, events inside the Mainstream Reiki Community, Beyond the Reiki Gateway Podcast, the Mainstream Reiki YouTube channel, and Andrea's Mentoring Session availability.


Blog Posts

Andrea communicates through YouTube, her podcast, newsletters, and social networks but these older blog articles remain here as a resource. For more current articles and messages, follow Andrea on and make sure you are subscribed to her newsletter below.


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