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Andrea on YouTube!

Andrea posted her first video on the Mainstream Reiki YouTube Channel in June 2019 to bring Reiki further into the mainstream by sharing her experiences, knowledge and Reiki energy with all who are open to it. She isn't part of the ad program either, so she makes no money from YouTube. Andrea wants to keep the channel with your enjoyment as the priority. She understands no one wants to be interrupted by ads--especially on a Reiki channel. 


Now with about 60,000 subscribers and featuring about 150 videos, Andrea also enjoys meeting the community in her livestreams the first Thursday of the month for a healing meditation and Reiki Share plus time at the end to answer your questions. She also likes to pop on live when she is inspired to connect with everyone. 

Popular playlists include a variety of Reiki healing videos, an educational Reiki Basics collection, the Reiki Business Success Series and past livestreams, too.


She invites you to come over, check out some videos and if you like what she is offering, subscribe and choose your notification settings to keep up with new videos and get invited to join her whenever she goes live on the channel--with no ads!