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Message from the Divine Animals

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

from the July 2023 Mainstream Reiki Newsletter

I began to receive messages from the Divine Animal Kingdom when I was a student of Animal Reiki that I now teach. What astounds me is the wisdom they possess and the love they have for us. I feel this comes through in their message I’m sharing here with you:

"Please take time to be a nature. We commune with you when you do this. We love you. Please also know that you may rest more. Even though you are doing so well to listen and grow in your light, we ask you to remember to rest. Enjoy life, too, and give yourself time away from the push to succeed in whatever it is you are pursuing.

All moments in balance lead to growth and evolution. Even when it seems as though you are standing still, you grow. We understand this may not seem likely or possible, but we assure you that your soul and spirit work tirelessly and consistently to usher in a higher vibration, higher knowing, and more love.

You are amazingly resourceful and resilient and have wisdom far beyond what appears to your conscious mind and awareness. We ask you to consider our words and our wisdom to reframe yourselves and redefine who you allow yourselves to be. You are so much more than you have known. When you allow yourself to be unlimited, you become unlimited. Only you hold this power in relation to your energy and evolution.

We ask you to determine if you are open to more fully expressing who you truly are, and then you may claim this in truth by intention and authority. It is by doing this that you ascend to the next threshold of ascension, whereby you step forward as a co-creator on the Earth like never before. We all move higher in the realms more easily as you each claim your power and expression in the highest of ways. Your clear expression of the light of who you are, have always been, and forever shall be, allows others and invites others to do the same.

And Light multiplies. Love multiplies. Peace multiplies.

Do you not see yourself as one who saves this planet and all of creation within your site and senses? If not before, please acknowledge this today, for you are present and hearing our song for many reasons, but the unification of vision, light, and love is the paramount manifestation in the revolution you are experiencing now on Earth. And you are a change agent – instrumental in this war where no force or weapons are needed, simply your love, your intention, and your knowing of who you really are. Fearless expression is what you may choose to do. Sing your song vibrationally through thought, love, focus, and attention on how you wish things to be.

Your choices are wise, and we thank you for your wakefulness in these times where many are confused and lost in the denial of the light of which they are a part – in oneness, we are, and we ask you to continue to live informed daily with this truth. For all of life is within you, and you are within all of life."

Perhaps it's a time to reflect not only on this message but our relationships with the animals we've known in our lives and all they have taught us through their persistent presence and unconditional love.

Highest blessings,



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