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Reiki, Politics and Connection

If you are finding the undercurrent of news and political battles difficult, I’d like to share what I return to for help in hopes it may be helpful to you as well. You know my answer is Reiki but it’s more than that. It’s what Reiki reminds me of and there are other paths to this remembrance if you don’t practice Reiki—any spiritual or meditation practice can assist.

Reiki brings my focus down to the present moment whether I’m offering it to myself or to others. With others, my intention is to put all my personal energy aside and be here now. I experience myself as the light of who I really am and feel honored to invite Reiki for the highest benefit of the person I am with—also pure light. It is in this space that all of the thinking, judgments, labels and scenes of people tearing each other down fades away. The light I know we are is of ONE light. And as I remember this in the moment, I am able to extrapolate outward to include all people. Deep down, we are so very alike. We generally all desire the same things in life.

When I reach this awareness, the quarrels of politics seem temporary, transient and even small. We are in a time of great change and therefore upheaval is required. Through these trials we can better see if we choose to do so. As the old ways are dismantled, space is created and with new perspective we have opportunity to reshape what we’ve known into a higher vision. This evolution and change is progress and progress can be uncomfortable. This too shall pass.

My Reiki practice brings me home to comforting simple truths. It helps me focus on tending my own garden too, so to speak. When I invest my focus on my family, home and work I find peace. It’s when I look too long at the political strife and how some people choose to mistreat others, I feel overwhelmed. The key lies in awareness of how I feel and when I tune into myself and allow that to guide me, I stay afloat and in gratitude and hope. Honestly, it has often not been easy .

It’s important for us to tune into ourselves and observe what we are feeling when we engage with news or media. Listen and choose your focus with your highest good in mind. If you do not practice Reiki, please find your own pathway such as meditation practice, yoga or something else that resonates with you and allows you to remember the truth of your connectedness—our connectedness. Tend to your garden in this way and build a strong foundation through your daily practice. It will benefit you. Therefore, it will benefit us all and our harvest shall be plentiful.



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