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Are you there, Reiki? It’s me, Andrea.

Social Media is a challenge for me. I see the great potential it has to bring us together but it just isn't used that way by so many people and that is where the challenge lies.

Not too long ago, I was on Facebook and I crossed one of my boundaries. I read the comments on a political post. I try hard not to read them because I know that hate and judgement often live in the comments and it draws me in. One person made what I would characterize as a highly judgmental and stereotypical comment that was completely irresponsible.

My first thought was, "Wow… I wonder what other people this person has lumped together and condemned and on what basis? Surely, there must be other gems this guy is broadcasting because he can type and thinks we all need to hear his opinion." Then, I admit, I began descending into the rabbit hole. My emotions that caused my throat to tense spurred my fantasy of retaliation with my own comments. I quickly wrote several responses in my mind, each one getting more clever and to the point in an urgent attempt to wake him up to his part in all things wrong with society.

And then I stopped.

I realized in that moment that this thread simply triggered remembrance of my fears. I reflected on what I was feeling and questioned my motives in feeling compelled to respond to this man. I was angry with how I judged this person to be…hateful, closed, arrogant, limited and that he seemed beyond reason. I blamed myself for my negative reaction and questioned my connection with Reiki. Specifically, I have been dedicated to Reiki for over half my life so, why was I easily descending down the path of negative reaction? Where was Reiki in all this?

The answer then occurred to me. Reiki does not make us blind to what exists because this is neither healthy nor helpful. It also doesn’t take away our human nature. What Reiki does do is support us in self-reflection and conscious awareness. When I stopped myself from descending further, I created a pause which served as the opportunity for awareness and then choice—choice from a connected place, a higher place. It is from this place I am able to remember who I am and who others are, too.

I know my ability to access this place is a gift from my relationship with Reiki. And from there, I am guided to promote unity, connection, truth, love and equality. I remember that fighting against anyone or anything creates focus and focused energy expands power toward expression and manifestation. You and I are responsible in creating what we choose to envision and I thank the man on Facebook for providing the opportunity to wake up to this truth once again. Lesson remembered, lesson lived...until the next time I forget I'm committed to the conscious creation of better. And I surely will.

I invite you to join me in the conscious creation of better.

Highest blessings to you.


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