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Four Practical Paths to Peace Within

Are you a planner like me? I had a fabulous idea for my message to you, but when I began to write, the words just did not come together. I felt like l was trying to force something, so I stopped. I took a deep breath and let go. Then I typed, “What is the message for the August newsletter readers?” And just like that, the plan changed into this message. I’ll put my idea aside and try again in September.

We will say to you that the message is clear. Life goes on. No matter what you busy your mind with, no matter what the news cycle reports, your personal life is going on. The emotions you carried yesterday and the day before were still there when you woke up this morning. The lingering, unprocessed traumas and emotions are there for you. Regardless of what you distract yourself with, your personal story and state of emotion persist.

We ask you to consider: when will it be time for you to address the issues that plague you?

We invite you to step into the light of possibility that resolution may bring you. Peace is attainable within you to an extent you cannot imagine. If you seek more peace in your life, please come home to yourself and invest in your care and the processing of this lifetime’s events. And, yes, many of you are aware and focused on healing from past life events, which is also worthwhile. However, all events you have suffered in this lifetime have not occurred free from influence or connection to your soul's past and parallel experiences. Therefore, you are given a key to healing simply by living in this current lifetime and addressing the challenges you have faced. Nothing is hidden or out of reach if you concentrate on resolving what has occurred for you here.

You are not living an isolated existence. The totality of your soul and all its wisdom is simply behind a veil while fully present and connected to you in every moment. It can be no other way. You are in wholeness. Your journey is to simply integrate all you have been, all you know yourself to be, and all you truly Are. And when these come into alignment in your awareness, your work upon this planet will conclude. It is then that your mission may be expanded, and you will choose how to serve and express the Light of who You Are. Freedom shall then be yours.

Andrea: And so, practically, what can we do?

1. Seek Out Wisdom

Seek out wisdom through means that bring mental consideration, reflection, and contrast so that you may see and feel more clearly who you are and who you are not. This is how you learn more about yourself, your desires, and your purpose. This means opening to perspectives that may differ from what you are used to accepting. If you find something challenging, ask yourself why and deepen your self-inquiry. From this place, your understanding grows.

2. Move Your Body

Move your body in new ways. Even if you are active already, ask your body what it desires in movement. Change patterns, change routines, and let in a more fluid way of exercising the physical body so that all parts are addressed and included. Love all the parts of your body, even if you find them disgusting. Realize that rejection of a part of yourself impedes the life energy from supporting your health. This is why disease sometimes manifests in the body. Take care of your body and love it for all it does for you in miraculous ways each and every day.

3. Feed and Nurture Your Spirit

Feed and nurture your spirit in nature, in quiet, in rest. Find what is peaceful for you and schedule time for this daily. There is no substitute, and nowhere may one purchase peace. Peace is cultivated like a garden full of beauty and abundance and does not grow by accident or in times of drought. For these reasons, peace is precious and a personal endeavor for which you alone are responsible.

4. Remember, You Are Not Alone

Finally, remember you are not alone on this Earth and were not meant to choose aloneness. Be with people. Appreciate people. Love people. They are simply doing what they feel they must, and many are completely unaware of themselves from a higher perspective. It is not your mission to educate them, save them, or rub their noses in their ‘bad’ behavior. Those who insist on these pursuits divert their attention away from healing their personal lingering unprocessed traumas and emotions, and the cycle of suffering within persists.

We wish you deepest healing and highest blessings on your journey home, found through healing yourself through love.


I invite you to join me in the conscious creation of more peace within,



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