Andrea Kennedy

Reiki Master Teacher

I'm a regular person, like most people. I love science, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and have always been intrigued with the world and how things work. 


I took my first Reiki class in 1995 after hearing fascinating stories about all Reiki could do. While on a trip to Egypt in 1998, my next steps became clear. I returned home and completed my Reiki training. I practiced on family and friends and especially liked doing distance Reiki which I found very meditative.

In 2006, I began volunteering at my veterinarian's office giving Reiki to the animals. I soon discovered I could communicate with them which gave the sessions a whole new depth and the results were amazing. I began my own practice within the veterinarian's office. As I saw more and more animals, their people inquired about learning Reiki and having sessions for themselves. As a result, my practice grew to offering sessions for people and all levels of Reiki training, as well.

Unfortunately, the time came for my family's relocation due to my husband's job. I found it difficult to leave my Reiki family of students and clients behind. It was very hard. The last thing I wanted to do was start over and then have to walk away again, so I went back to practicing Reiki for myself and my family. I also used this time to read books about spiritual and healing subjects, take classes, and volunteer in the Roswell Park Cancer Institute's Healing Touch program. I retook all levels of Reiki classes with different teachers, including William Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training and completed Karuna® Master Training in 2013, Holy Fire® in 2015 and Holy Fire® II in 2016. I went on to complete Medical Reiki Master training in 2017 and repeated Karuna® Reiki ART/Master with William Rand in 2018 but with the upgraded Holy Fire® III energy which is more powerful than the energy I previously worked with. 

Through training in April 2020  with William Rand and Colleen Benelli of the ICRT, I am certified to teach all levels of Holy Fire® Reiki online using the best practices and latest techniques to ensure the highest quality to my students in our virtual learning platform.

I have also returned to my love of animal Reiki and was honored to be one of the first graduating ICRT Animal Reiki Masters qualified to teach this new curriculum in July 2021. 


I am dedicated to bringing Reiki further into the mainstream through education and practice. - Andrea

Reiki has been in my life for over 26 years now. I love Reiki and I love sharing it with people and animals. So, when my family moved to Michigan, I allowed myself to be open to the possibilities of again serving more people through Reiki.

As a result, my practice continues to grow. I am blessed to reach an international audience through both my Mainstream Reiki YouTube channel as well as interviews featured in the Reiki Rays Summit and guest writing for the Reiki Rays website. I also currently serve mentoring clients and Reiki students from all around the world. 

Young woman having a reiki treatment in

Andrea is a professional member of the Reiki Membership Association through the International Center for Reiki Training which requires adherence to a Code of Ethics as well as consistency through standard practices. For more information on the ICRT, please visit She is also a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals which is also dedicated to high standards of Reiki education and practice. For more information on joining the IARP, click here or link below.

Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions
Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions

Andrea on the Reiki Lifestyle® Podcast


Andrea Kennedy, the owner of Mainstream Reiki and a Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, is on this episode of the podcast. She tells us her story of how she came to Reiki from a science background and how she used to be skeptical of Reiki.


She describes her business-minded approach to Reiki and how she wants it to be a mainstream practice, how she expresses her Reiki, and mostly how she wants everyone to express Reiki in their own way. Andrea has a wealth of resources offered through her practice, social media, and her Youtube channel Mainstream Reiki, and we really enjoyed our conversation with her!

Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions

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In Print Media

Ann Arbor's Crazy Wisdom Bookstore asked me to participate in the May-August 2018 issue of their journal by writing about how I came to Reiki and I was thrilled to accept. 

Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions
Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions

As a scientist, I was initially skeptical of energy healing. Once I started learning about quantum physics, however, the healing abilities made sense. Andrea has a background in physics and this is one of the things that initially attracted me to her.

What keeps me coming back is not only Andrea’s deep knowledge of and ability to use reiki for healing, but also her genuine care for people. Andrea has a real passion for both reiki and people, and it is clear that Andrea’s motivation is to truly serve the needs of each client. She emanates compassion, respect, and honor for each individual. Additionally, Andrea has a natural ability to tune in to people (with their permission, of course) and provide a deep understanding of themselves and their lives. This has been an added bonus for me to just the traditional reiki treatment.

Personally, reiki has played a big role in my healing journey. I became so fascinated by reiki that I completed the Reiki II certification with Andrea this past summer (the class with life-changing). I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea and encourage anyone on the fence to try out Mainstream Reiki. ~ Google Review by L.S.