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Reiki with andrea

After thousands of Reiki sessions, Andrea no longer offers individual Reiki treatments. She is delighted to be able to help more people than ever possible through her live and recorded YouTube videos. Plus, she devotes time to teaching, mentoring, the podcast, the upcoming community, writing, and new projects.


Please enjoy Reiki with Andrea in some of her most popular videos featured below. You can also find over 200 more videos on the Mainstream Reiki channel. 

Join Andrea LIVE every month on the first Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern US time as she offers you Reiki during an original Meditation and Share followed by Q&A. Subscribe and choose to get notifications for both live events and new videos by clicking the bell icon. Don't miss out!

Popular Reiki Session Playlists

Recorded Live

Livestream 🙌 Reiki Meditation and Share + AMA
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Full Hour Sessions