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A Mother's Greatest Gift

For this Mother’s Day, I want to share a message in hopes it supports you in reorganizing your priority list. Too often, women and mothers are near the bottom of their lists. As a mother, I know firsthand the lengths we go to for our children and families. Sometimes (and maybe often) if feels like we have nothing left for ourselves at the end of the day. It can be really easy to put off the ‘unnecessary’ but healing things we can do for ourselves and it can feel selfish to spend our time doing them, too.

The good news is that is old thinking and more of us are realizing that self-care is critical if we really want to be able to help others in the highest ways. However, it can be difficult for us to change that priority list and take action to move ourselves up the ranking. Odds are we are super tired from years of just getting by and perhaps often questioning if we are doing enough for others.

So, I want to tell all mothers out there who reside at the bottom of their priority list…

Please know the greatest gift a mother can give to her children is a healthy, happier mother. Think about that…

Take a moment to imagine how it could feel to your children to have a mother who is healthy and happier. Pretty good, right? Your health and happiness could pay dividends you probably never dreamed of and not just for you but for your entire family.

So, if you haven’t yet been reason enough to move yourself up your priority list…are they reason enough?

Please believe you deserve the loving treatment you give to so many. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Happy Mother’s Day! 💐


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