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Andrea started the Mainstream Reiki YouTube Channel in June 2019 to share her experiences, knowledge, and Reiki with all who are open to it. It has grown to a community of more than 73,000 subscribers, over 200 videos, and 5.25 million views. She has created a channel that has something for everyone with an interest in Reiki.

The channel is not enrolled in the ad program because your enjoyment is her priority. Therefore, donations are accepted with gratitude for those who wish to show appreciation in this way.

Join Andrea LIVE every month on the first Thursday at 11 a.m. Eastern US time. She offers an original Reiki Meditation and Share and then Q&A. Subscribe and choose to get notifications for both live events and new videos by clicking the bell icon. Don't miss it!

The Six Most Popular Videos on the Channel

with combined views of over 2,567,000 through November 2023

Distant Reiki Session
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