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Reiki Reconnects You with Yourself

People who take the steps to learn Reiki are driven by any number of reasons. Some want to help animals in their own home or perhaps in a shelter situation. Others want to use Reiki to soothe their children, help a loved one with a chronic condition, or themselves. My students usually explain their desire to learn Reiki as primarily about assisting others—being of service to others. The unexpected gift of Reiki is its power to reconnect us with ourselves. It’s an unforeseen benefit that is subtle, gentle and allows us to look back in wonder as we compare who we are today with who we were before we learned and practiced Reiki.

As we practice Reiki, we begin to become Reiki. It isn’t about Doing Reiki anymore, but it can be difficult to describe that concept to Reiki newcomers. Instead of doing Reiki ‘on’ a person, we allow ourselves to become an anchor point on earth for Reiki to become present in our dense world. Our role is not to ‘fix’ anything or anyone because nothing and no one is really broken or ‘less than.’ We simply offer the vibration for others to resonate with, heal with, actually reboot with. Or not. You see, it is not the person in the role of ‘healer’ doing anything other than offering the energetic vibration of what Reiki is. All the results are the choice and acceptance (through energetic resonation) of the person or animal in the presence of Reiki.

The body’s physical parts, along with the emotional, mental and spiritual components of Who We Are know exactly what to do all the time and life-force energy is the common denominator of all living things. To set time aside to be in the flow of Reiki for ourselves or offering it to another is all that is needed. There are no special requirements. We learn Reiki to be of service. We practice Reiki and reconnect with ourselves and offer reconnection for others—so they may remember themselves in wholeness. Our simple practice of Reiki in our own lives is a source of Light in this world. It adds to this plane in positive ways and calls to others with a frequency of energy beckoning them back to themselves. To who they really are. In wholeness. In love.

Living our lives as we remember our wholeness is a gift unto others. Reiki invites you there.

Andrea Kennedy began practicing Reiki in 1995 and practices in Saline, Michigan, for the benefit of both people and animals. Visit for more information.


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