• Andrea Kennedy

Empathy Transforming our World

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I admit I've struggled over the past months to see a way up and out from the divisive and often hateful atmosphere of these times. And while I can comfort myself in the knowing that there must be chaos and destruction before we can rebuild in a new and higher way, I find some days harder than others to keep this in the forefront of my mind.

My purpose in writing this is to renew hope. Hope for myself and perhaps for you. We need all the hope and reminders we are not defined by these times we can get, in my opinion. So, I offer what occurred to me today for the purpose of knowing and remembering we are on the uprise and a brighter future has been quietly born and is gaining momentum and strength right now in this moment.

All before 1 pm today, I saw three clear validating examples of something I’ve known for awhile. This truth is that empathy will be the way out and up for us across cultures and how the human race decides not to destroy ourselves while we are so busy tearing each other down.

The first of the three uplifting and validating events supporting my theory arrived at 9 a.m. this morning. “Samantha” is a 14 year-old young lady seeking relief for high anxiety and migraines. Like many of the younger clients I see, she is a highly intelligent, aware and an empath . As an empath, she is able to sense how someone is feeling and can use this insight to help her relate to others. Put simply, empaths have the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand that person’s feelings and perspectives unlike a “normal” person.

I have noticed an increase of empaths in my Reiki clientele and in the families of my friends and family—not all young like Samantha but it appears to me a larger percentage of the younger population is empathic when compared to the older population. An increase in the number of these gifted individuals results in an army of sensitive, caring people who are able to understand others at deeper levels which leads to acceptance and remembrance of our oneness. And when enough of us remember our oneness, violence will no longer make any sense. Divisions drawn between us out of fears and separation will not stand. As oneness is felt, the out-picturing of our knowing shall transform not only our personal reality but our collective consciousness and humankind on a grand scale. We shall experience heaven on earth which has been available all along but we have not chosen it as our collective experience thus far in our history.

The second event occurred during a meditation group discussion at about 11:30. Our topic was on mindful eating and a woman spoke about her 8 year old granddaughter who feels the consequences of what she chooses to eat in her muscles and mind. For example, when she perceived a quivering in her muscles one afternoon while in gymnastics, she felt it was a result of adding too much sugar to her whole grain cereal that morning. She made note of that result and now adds little to no sugar when she chooses