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Do you Have What it Takes to Heal? The Answer May Surprise You

A young woman recently met with me for an Intuitive Reiki session. When I asked her if she had anything for me to check on during the session, she said she wanted to know if she had everything within her needed for her to heal. In my mind, I thought, “Of course you do!” but said nothing. I’ve learned my thinking mind and the wisdom that comes to me in a Reiki session are often different. I’m thankful I waited because the answer was stunning and beautiful and far beyond what I was capable of saying to her on my own.

As I started the session, I tuned in to her and immediately heard the old saying in my mind, “No

man is an island.” I then witnessed a vision like a movie clip. I first saw an island in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly, all the water disappeared and the land that was the island was now obviously just a continuation of the ocean floor but at higher elevation. The water supplied the illusion of separation but the island had always been connected in oneness to all the other land on the planet. Therefore, the separation was simply a matter of perception.

Following the session, I shared the island metaphor with her and relayed more explanation as it was revealed to me. The answer to her question was both no and yes at the same time. She, like all of us, does not have everything within her she needs to heal. But that is by design and it doesn’t mean we are deficient. The energy of who we are does not operate on a closed system. We are part of a whole and not separated at all—that is the illusion. Therefore, the answers we seek and everything we need to heal exists within our reach. Whether we reach for a book that beckons us or ask someone for help and advice, we are opening ourselves up to new energy. We then have the opportunity to reflect upon what we learn and may refine who we are by noticing how the information makes us feel and perhaps adjusting our beliefs. Connecting in these ways and then within can be quite healing and continues through our lifetime as we evolve through experience.

Later that evening, I researched the quote I heard. I discovered it is actually a shorter version of “No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.” This was written in 1624 by John Donne in his book, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions. I was stunned it mentioned the word ‘continent’ which fit perfectly with what I saw. And again, I was thankful for the connection that day that helped me help the young woman with a beautiful answer to her very personal question, one I feel many of us have asked at one time or another.



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