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Is Reiki Enough?

We know what Reiki is—spiritually guided life energy. That’s it. Reiki is the energy. However, In the Reiki community, there has been some differing opinions as to what a Reiki treatment session should or should not include. Some practitioners are drawn to use crystals, essential oils, or drums and sound healing techniques along with Reiki. Then others might share intuitive or psychic information they receive. I’ve listed only a few additions to what may be incorporated into a Reiki session and I’m sure there are many others. So, depending who a person chooses to go to for a session, their experiences and idea of what Reiki is can be substantially different.

When Usui practiced Reiki, none of these ‘add ons’ were included. But evolution happens with all things over time, and Reiki is no exception. Some would argue that the addition of other practices in a session is not true to Reiki and that perhaps it is best to keep Reiki practice as close to how Usui and Takata taught. Others say that the quality of the Reiki energy itself continues to evolve and our collective consciousness has grown in a deeper understanding of spirituality which allows us to practice in different ways compared to Usui and Takata. However, Reiki is the energy and it remains the foundation of all Reiki sessions.

Is it wrong, disrespectful or complementary and valuable to offer Reiki treatment sessions with crystals, essential oils, sound therapy and/or intuitive messages? Personally, I’ve been on both sides of the fence as both a Reiki master and Reiki client. I can see value and complications with each approach.

What about you? What are your thoughts on the subject and has your view changed over time?

Please weigh in…

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