• Andrea Kennedy

Does Reiki energy evolve?

I'm inspired to jot down my thoughts as I'm preparing my materials for my upcoming Reiki Master workshop. It is always a blessing for me to teach. To be chosen as a person's Reiki instructor is an honor. While that may sound sappy to some, I truly mean it. To be involved with and witness a new beginning or deepening with master level training is a privilege and a humbling experience.

Though our class is over in three days, I offer my support and guidance to my students no matter how much time may pass. Reiki is a path offering much beyond the obvious benefits of allowing ourselves to help others and ourselves with Reiki energy. If we are willing, Reiki will gently light our way to self-discovery, healing, awareness and much more. You may learn Reiki in a day or two but practicing is for life. Literally. Reiki eases the harshness and enhances all experiences, bringing a sort of comfort and peace to us. Because Reiki causes no harm, the applications and situations for its use are limitless.

My classes are Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki classes. Some may wonder what the difference is and why I have moved on from the Usui/Tibetan style. Like us, Reiki energy has the potential to evolve. Even Usui Sensei himself knew this. He defined 6 levels of Reiki. The sixth being where one would begin practice and the first being the strongest and deepest level. He claimed himself at level two and encouraged others to seek greater heights than he had mastered.* He left it to us to refine the energy and improve upon the strength and quality of the Reiki of his time.

We have done just that. It is important for those with Reiki to practice and refine their own ability to channel higher vibrations of Reiki through their own healing. As we do this, we are capable of working with higher frequencies of Reiki energy which allows for better results. Today, through the development of various styles of Reiki, this healing art is practiced by millions around the world. With so many dedicated to the practice of Reiki, it is no wonder we are capable of channeling higher, more refined frequencies than ever before. After all, if the Universe/God is unlimited and Reiki comes f