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Another Reiki Blog?

I first came to Reiki out of curiosity in 1995. Over these 21 years, I’ve seen BIG changes. When I started, I couldn’t find books on Reiki and what would become the Reiki News Magazine was a flimsy black and white newsletter printing. Perception has shifted and acceptance of Reiki has grown exponentially with practitioners in every state and around the world. Hundreds of hospitals, medical facilities, hospice centers and veterinarians are now offering Reiki here in the United States.

While Reiki popularity has increased, the practice now varies widely. This is probably due to the fact that what began as Reiki in Japan has been added to, reworked and changed into a large number of different Reiki-based trainings and practices. I have seen this as a topic of debate in the Reiki community but I’ve also seen a great respect between the various styles.

Simply put, however, Reiki is universal life force energy that seems to know how to help you all by itself. This is the common thread that runs through the different Reiki styles I am aware of.

So, I’m starting a blog because it’s a thing these days. I’m not really trendy but given how long I’ve paid attention and practiced Reiki, I think I can offer some ideas and perspectives some people may find interesting. I guess we’ll find out. I’m certainly no expert but I do have experience and practice self-Reiki daily. My own understanding of Reiki has evolved and deepened over the years, too.

You are welcome to come along and we can chat about Reiki and related topics as they come up. My focus is putting Reiki out there in a mainstream way so more people can choose if it’s something to try.


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