Reiki Mentoring

Are you trying to begin or grow your Reiki business or have you had Reiki training but have questions about Reiki and don't have anyone to ask?

Andrea offers mentoring sessions because she wants to help you succeed in practicing Reiki so more people can realize its benefits. She first learned Reiki in 1995 and has built two successful practices in two states (Idaho and Michigan) and she'd love to share her experience, ideas and strategies with you. Her mission is for Reiki to become more mainstream and reach more people, so naturally, the world needs YOU practicing Reiki!

Mentoring is a great option if one of these describes you:

  • You feel like a Reiki Orphan which means you had training but have questions and lack support from your Reiki Master Teacher.

  • You want to become a successful Reiki business owner so you can be free to do what you love, help people and make a profit at it, too.

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How it Works


$75 for a recorded one hour Zoom video call. Payment is submitted when booking your meeting. (Refundable if canceled up to 12 hours prior to appointment time.)


When you schedule your appointment, you'll fill out a form describing what you'd like to cover in the meeting so your time is utilized wisely. 

Meeting Format:

A Zoom link is automatically created and a confirmation email is sent to you immediately. If you do not receive it, check your spam or junk folder. Zoom is free, user-friendly and easy to use. If you are unfamiliar with it, visit their website for helpful tutorial videos. 

The meeting is tailored to your needs and recorded so you can rewatch and not miss anything. Some examples of business topics include reviewing your existing website and providing tips on what to include when you build one, fees, marketing strategies, getting more clients through the door, business location and lease terms, creating your brand and much more. If you don't feel confident in practicing Reiki and have questions, those are also topics to ask about.

Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions

Getting a fresh perspective form Andrea can help you take your personal Reiki practice or professional Reiki business to the new levels of success and offer you more confidence, so schedule today!

Mainstream Reiki - Classes and Sessions

"Dear Andrea, I can’t thank you enough for your valuable advice, feedback & guidance you provided me today.  What an amazing mentor session. I came away feeling so good & confident about my next steps... I was able to successfully download the recorded session on my laptop, so I will enjoy watching it again. I am sooooooooooooo grateful for you."

~T. N.

"I love, and am SO grateful for all you shared! You gave me so much to go on! Thank you for you!

You are truly a Gift!"

~Janice M.

"I so appreciate all the helpful and insightful information you shared with me yesterday...In addition to all the new information you provided, you also helped me feel a bit more confident in my current practice. I've only been practicing Reiki for 2 years--as of this coming June. Just long enough to have confidence in some things and long enough to realize there is a lot more to learn about others. I definitely feel like I'm on the right track and so grateful to have found someone who is willing to share their knowledge. I thank you again for sharing so much valuable information with me yesterday. I'm excited to put into practice what I've learned. I look forward to speaking with you again soon."

~Beth R. 


FREE Template:

Here's a sample letter to a chiropractor or business professional to personalize as part of your plan to practice in a professional location with no set rent each month. Find out how this works in this video on our YouTube channel.