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Specialized Courses
through the Shift Network

Deepen your understanding of healing and spirituality though these curated courses presented by the Shift Network. Gain knowledge in new subjects and learn tools and strategies to help yourself and others too. 

Empowerment through Dreams

Re-enter an unsettling dream (or any type of dream) with loving guidance, and watch it transform — allowing you to uncover its healing wisdom and connect with the calm core of your soul.


Our nighttime dreams — whether sweet or scary — come to empower, transform, and heal us.


They’re spiritual gifts from our unconscious. Practicing dreamwork, allows us to receive precious messages from our soul…messages that can help us transcend our worst fears, live our lives with fullness and joy, and become more balanced, whole human beings, capable of self-healing and contributing purposefully to the collective wellbeing of humanity...

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Transform Fear to Personal Power

Learn to distinguish between your energy and others’ — so you can stop taking on the suffering of the world, suppressing your true beliefs, and shifting your energy. 

Experience a powerful guided meditation with Dr. Orloff to embrace anxiety, listen deeply to your intuition, and experience this feeling as a powerful teacher as you access your heart’s healing power. 

Right this moment, you have the ability to achieve emotional freedom. It’s closer than you might think, even in these unfamiliar times No matter what’s happening in the world, life gives us many chances to learn about emotional healing.

As an empath, or an otherwise caring and sensitive person, you likely tend...

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Live a More Joyous and Authentic Life

Discover how to release beliefs and fears that are keeping you from living fully and joyfully... in an experiential journey ‘beyond the veil.’

You’ve likely heard stories of a near-death experience (NDE) that completely changed a person’s life… maybe you’ve had one yourself?

Whether you’ve experienced one or someone close to you has, an NDE is a dramatic turning point that can completely alter the course of a life…

International speaker and bestselling author Anita Moorjani not only had an NDE herself, she now guides others to access the transformative power of these experiences.

Anita can help YOU discover the profound spiritual truths, unconditional love, and a “no-holds-barred” way of living that are so often associated with an NDE (whether you’ve experienced one yourself or not).

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Access and Utilize Cellular Memory

Experience a cell activation and guided visualization into a human cell for a powerful multisensory experience of your cellular memory, which holds the key to what you need to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


We’re all intuitive... some are just more tapped into this power than others. Yet, what many don’t know is that if you want to boost this higher functioning part of yourself — your omnipresence — one of the best places to look is to the cells within your own body.

Incredibly, the trillions of cells in our bodies know everything about our magnificence, according to Marie Manuchehri, a clairvoyant energy medicine healer and registered nurse.

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Begin the Shift from Stress to Calm

Learn what it takes to achieve “heart coherence,” where the heart, brain, and nervous system are aligned and in sync — giving you inner peace, a renewed sense of energy, clearheadedness, and a strong immune system. 


Cultures around the world have long believed the heart was the epicenter of the body and responsible for our feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Interestingly enough, science today is starting to catch up and support this perspective, finding that our energetic heart — not our brain — acts as the gateway to our higher self.

The heart is more powerful, healing, and transformative than we ever realized.

Our hearts are so reactive and dynamic that they respond to intuitive signals first — and the brain then follows suit.

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Heal with  Vibrations of Sound

Discover humming as a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription that can improve stress levels, sleep, and blood pressure — and may even create new neural pathways in your brain.

Receive a tuning fork healing to raise your vibrational frequency, elevate your consciousness, and promote optimal wellbeing.

You’re surrounded by sound every day, but are you aware of the profound healing capabilities that certain vibrational frequencies can provide?

Perhaps you are, and you’ve already enjoyed the deeply calming, rejuvenating effects of a gong or tuning fork “sound bath” or specially composed piece of music.

In this online event with the foremost pioneer in the field of harmonics, Jonathan Goldman, you’ll discover simple sound healing approaches you can do yourself that can have powerful healing effects on...

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