Reiki Sessions in Saline, Michigan

By appointment:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday plus select Saturdays and evening appointments are available

Office Location:

EHM Professional Office Building

400 W. Russell St., Suite 2370, Saline, Michigan 48176

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Cash, check, credit and debit cards accepted for all appointments and classes

When you arrive, there will be a private waiting room and relaxing treatment room prepared for you. On your first visit, you will need to fill out a short client information form. Andrea will provide a brief description of herself and Reiki, answer any of your questions and ask about what has brought you in for Reiki. She will also ask if you would like her to perceive the overall flow of your energy system and what may be affecting your energy flow while you are receiving Reiki.


If yes, the last 15 minutes of your appointment will be used to discuss this. She often shares practical things you might do to support the positive effects of the Reiki treatment and to help you move forward in a noticeable way. You are welcome to audio record this portion of the session with your phone, if you wish. Many clients find this helpful to reference later.

If you prefer to skip Andrea's assessment and feedback, you will still have a 75 minute appointment. She will continue offering Reiki and leave just a few minutes at the end to conclude the appointment.

Appointment Types:

You may add Mat Therapy to any session or package and easy online scheduling is available below or click here to schedule now.


- First Appointment: Only $25 with the Try Reiki Special

*This offer is for a limited time, may change without notice and applies to

in person Reiki sessions.


- Regular Reiki Sessions: $65


- Package of 3 Regular Reiki sessions for $165 (save $30) 

​- Package of 3 Regular Reiki sessions w/Mat Therapy for $215 (save $40) 

- Reiki Session w/Healing Meditation: $85

Having trouble getting past a certain issue? Choose a Reiki session that combines a Healing Meditation Experience with a regular Reiki treatment. Powerful and transformative, this session is 90 minutes and not eligible for the Try Reiki Special.



Your 1st Session
Only $25*

Due to coronavirus, all sessions are currently Distance Reiki Sessions until further notice. Distant Session Info Here.

"Coming to see you for these Reiki sessions has been the single best thing I have ever done for myself."

- Teresa B.

Now available!

Maximize your session results by adding a heated gemstone mat with 5 therapies.

Enhance your Reiki session with the 

PEMF Inframat Pro Chakra Mat

Far Infrared heat therapy may temporarily decrease pain, inflammation, and stiffness

16 lbs of 7 gemstones release a vibration that pairs with your 7 chakras to balance them

PEMF has been proven to help cells fight off disease, repair cellular dysfunction, and effect measurable healing. (Link to studies)


Negative ions may help alleviate anxiety and depression, relieve stress and boost energy

You may choose to add it to any Reiki session when scheduling online or at the time of your appointment for $20 more.


Click Here for more details on this mat. 

"As a scientist, I was initially skeptical of energy healing. Once I started learning about quantum physics, however, the healing abilities made sense. Andrea has a background in physics and this is one of the things that initially attracted me to her.

What keeps me coming back is not only Andrea’s deep knowledge of and ability to use reiki for healing, but also her genuine care for people. Andrea has a real passion for both reiki and people, and it is clear that Andrea’s motivation is to truly serve the needs of each client. She emanates compassion, respect, and honor for each individual. Additionally, Andrea has a natural ability to tune in to people (with their permission, of course) and provide a deep understanding of themselves and their lives. This has been an added bonus for me to just the traditional reiki treatment.

Personally, reiki has played a big role in my healing journey. I became so fascinated by reiki that I completed the Reiki II certification with Andrea this past summer (the class with life-changing). I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea and encourage anyone on the fence to try out Mainstream Reiki."

~ Google Review by L.S.

To easily book your appointment, purchase a bundle of 3 sessions or gift certificates, simply continue below. Or call or text Andrea @ 734-664-2255.

How many sessions will I need?
That depends on the reason you come for Reiki. People with more serious or chronic conditions or those undergoing medical therapy (chemo for example) see quicker and better results with more frequent Reiki in the beginning. As results begin to last longer, visits are less frequent.
Andrea can help you assess what may be best for you at the conclusion of each session.




Consider monthly Reiki sessions as part of a quality self-care practice and for continued benefit but also let your intuition tell you when Reiki is needed.

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400 W. Russell Street - Suite 2370
Saline, Michigan 48176
Distance Reiki Sessions also available. Info.

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