Medical Reiki

Due to COVID-19, all sessions are currently Distance Reiki Sessions until further notice. Find out more.

Reiki has been scientifically proven to reduce pain and cut down on the need for pain medication. In addition, patients who receive Reiki in the hospital go home earlier on average when compared to patients who do not receive Reiki. See the Reiki research page for a list of scientific journal articles based on research. 

Andrea has performed Reiki for clients while they are in the hospital. This has included being present in pre-op, post-op and in hospital rooms. She has also utilized Distance Reiki for clients while they are in the operating room and if they live far away. 


If you or a loved one would like to schedule a session as an inpatient or for pre-op and/or post-op, please contact her to arrange this type of appointment as soon as possible. Andrea may work with you to decide on a suitable Reiki treatment plan for your procedure and/or recovery. You may also ask your surgeon to allow Andrea in the operating room because this is offered at some hospitals. It is rising in acceptance but not yet widespread, however.


Session Details


Reiki sessions in a health care setting are $95 per hour but may vary depending on travel time and requested services. Please discuss your needs with Andrea and a plan and price will be agreed upon early in the process. If you are interested in Distance Reiki for your medical procedure and/or recovery, please contact Andrea to proceed with planning and questions. (The Try Reiki Special does not apply to Medical Reiki).

Did you know? 

Hundreds of hospitals and health care facilities incorporate Reiki into patient care. Whether for cancer treatment support, surgical recovery, pain management alternatives to opioids, palliative care, labor and delivery, caregiver support or to avoid staff burnout--Reiki is on the rise in mainstream facilities. A few examples are NY Columbia/Presbyterian, Brigham Women and Children's, Stanford Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, John's Hopkins, and many more. Andrea utilizes her Mainstream Reiki Facebook page to help spread the word about Reiki in the mainstream. Check out the latest posts.

What do doctors say about Reiki?

Actually, quite a bit! Check out what the physicians at Western Reserve Hospital report on their website. Further, here are a few benefits of Reiki that can help in almost any medical situation.

  • Increases functioning of the immune system

  • Decreases levels of depression and anxiety

  • Positive attitude toward healing

  • Increased elimination of toxins

  • Decreased levels of nausea and fatigue

  • Decreased level of fear

  • Increased relaxation

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Elevates mood

  • Increases appetite

  • Deceases reported pain level

  • Deceases reported isolation and loneliness

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​As reported by Western Reserve Hospital, a physician-owned hospital in Ohio

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