Distance Reiki Sessions

Due to the lockdown of my office property, I am offering a discount on all Distance Reiki Sessions through June 30th:


RETURNING CLIENTS and NEW CLIENTS may schedule Distance Reiki and use the coupon code: TEN$OFF to save $10 off each Distance Session (regularly $65) until June 30th.

Here is a direct LINK to schedule a distance session:


What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki allows you to enjoy the benefits of Reiki no matter where you are located! These sessions are powerful and unique in that you may receive the full benefits of a Reiki session while in your own home. There is no driving or hassle because Reiki is energy, it is not limited by distance from the practitioner. Similarly, prayer and sending positive thoughts to support others are examples of this phenomenon but instead, it is Reiki that is used for the benefit of the receiver. 


Like in-person sessions, distance appointments last 75 minutes. However, distance sessions are $65 and require prepayment at the time of booking. This is fully refundable up to 12 hours before your scheduled appointment. (The Try Reiki Special does not apply to distance sessions.)

What is a Session Like?


At your appointment time, Andrea will call you and discuss any intentions you may have for the Reiki session and then proceed as though you were in the office with her. Please plan on being in a quiet, relaxing environment throughout your session.


Andrea will tune into your energetic system, how it is functioning and look for what has been affecting it as she provides Reiki. She will take notes and then call you back for the final 15 minutes so she may share her assessment, suggestions and answer your questions. (Often there is more information she can share with you from a distance session compared to an in person session.) She often also shares practical things you might do to support the positive effects of the Reiki treatment and to help you move forward in a noticeable way.


Andrea can audio record this portion of the session and email it to you. Many clients find this valuable and helpful to reference later. 


By appointment: Most weekdays plus select Saturdays. 

To book your appointment, CLICK HERE 




How many sessions will I need?
That depends on the reason you come for Reiki. People with more serious or chronic conditions or those undergoing medical therapy (chemo for example) see quicker and better results with more frequent Reiki in the beginning. As results begin to last longer, visits are less frequent.
Andrea can help you assess what may be best for you at the conclusion of each session.
Consider monthly Reiki sessions as part of a quality self-care practice and for continued benefit but also let your intuition tell you when Reiki is needed.
Has Physics Caught Up With Reiki?

Is this form of Reiki real? Check out this article from the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP):

Has Physics Caught Up With Reiki?

"I had a session with you two weeks ago. I seriously haven't felt this good about my life in a a long time. I so appreciated the messages you delivered!"

~Sarah R.

As for the Reiki treatment yesterday...I can't believe the difference in how I felt after it was completed. I could feel the energy swirling around inside of me. I felt like blockages were released and I felt so peaceful, calm and sleepy for the rest of the evening. It was beautiful!"

~Sheila M.

"I know my Reiki treatments with you, plus your sound advice/support were a huge part in manifesting my dream job...I cannot thank you enough! Your healing practice and communication of spirit afterwards are some of the best I have experienced. Thank you again for everything, Andrea!

~Elizabeth W.

“Andrea’s Reiki is really effective for me - even at a distance, which is astonishing. I’m consistently amazed at Andrea’s ability to read what’s going on with me and advise, with very little background information given by me.”

~Eric B

"I usually do not feel much during a distance Reiki session but your Reiki session was very different. I felt lots of things throughout it and now I feel so much lighter!"

~Chris P.


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