Distance Sessions

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki allows you to receive the powerful and unique benefits of a Reiki session while you relax in your own space. Because Reiki is energy, it is not limited by distance from the practitioner. Distance Reiki is not a new way to offer Reiki born out of pandemic necessity but has been a valued part of Reiki education and practice since the early 1920's.

Andrea conducts sessions for clients around the world. Please see the next section for scheduling details.


Distance Reiki Sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes in duration and require payment at the time of booking. The current fee is $75 per session. 

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What is a Session Like?

At the time of your appointment, Andrea will call you by phone to discuss any intentions or areas of focus you may have for your session and then proceed in providing a complete Reiki treatment. Please plan on being in a quiet, relaxing environment throughout your session. While your activity does not diminish the effectiveness of the Reiki, you deserve this restful time to allow yourself to tune in to your own inner experience wherein you will be more likely to be aware of energetic sensations and personal insights and inspirations.


With your permission, Andrea will tune into your energetic system to assess its functioning and look for what has been affecting it as she provides Reiki. She will take notes and then call you back for the final 15 minutes so she may share her insights, suggestions and messages. Andrea often shares practical and helpful guidance relevant to your current situation. 


In addition, she produces an audio recording of this final discussion and emails it to you at the end of the session. Many clients find great value in referencing the recording later. 

For International Clients:

When scheduling, you will be asked to provide your phone number, the country associated with that number as well as your international country code. Andrea calls her international clientele through WhatsApp. She resides in the Eastern Time Zone or GMT-5. If her availability is in the middle of the night for you, please email her with details and to arrange a session during a more reasonable time of day for you.

Gift Certificates also available for Distance Reiki. Details here.

Due to COVID-19, all Reiki appointments are currently Distance Reiki Sessions. Your understanding is appreciated.



"I know my Reiki treatments with you, plus your sound advice/support were a huge part in manifesting my dream job...I cannot thank you enough! Your healing practice and communication of spirit afterwards are some of the best I have experienced. Thank you again for everything, Andrea!"

~Elizabeth W.

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